About us

Our approach

Food Safety Consult is a spin-off from the University of Liège created in July 2003 on the initiative of Quality Partner to meet a need for independent support identified with our customers.

Flexible and multi-skilled, our team is ready to provide you with a completely personalised service that very specifically meets your requirements.

Our certifications

  • Qfor is a quality certification system for training and consultancy organisations. The Qfor quality certificate is awarded to organisations that satisfy strict quality standards. This certification is based on a satisfaction survey of our customers, carried out completely independently by a third party organisation. A Qfor certificate is therefore our guarantee that we have provided satisfaction for our customers.

  • Food Safety Consult is also ISO 9001 certified. This certification demonstrates the efficiency of our operation and our control over our activities.

    It also demonstrates our continuing search for improvement, an approach that we use because we want to continually improve our quality management system.

Global approach to food safety and quality


We can provide you with simple and appropriate solutions for your food safety management using a constructive approach that is efficient and practical.


  • Performance and improvement diagnosis
  • Providing support in food safety management
  • Specialised training in food quality and safety
  • Implementing long-term, user-friendly solutions
  • Drawing up self-regulation guides